SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway and instant update for SMS: Notifications, Reminders, Alerts and Emergencies, with 95% of our sms gateway incoming messages read within 3 minutes. Send Bulk SMS text messages instantly via the internet, desktop software.

SMS Coupons

Send your sms coupons directly to your clients’ most viewed screen, as simply as pushing a button with sms coupons discounts according to your marketing strategy. Mobile coupons are leading trends in marketing as coupon codes are customers favorites.
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SMS Notifications

Inform partners, employees or Clients, sending text sms notifications  messages, directly from our Bulk SMS Gateway to their mobile phones on all important relationships,reminders and internal business issues that keep them updated.

Bulk SMS

Fast rate advertising, promoting or informative bulk sms to recipients / clients in the mobile network, to increase sales, brand awareness and  loyalty, by our SMS gateway. Send web sms, or mass sms online , directly from your PC with your Bulk SMS  account.


Whether you are an individual, a smaller, or a larger business, there are always packages suitable for your needs. Choose yours and start building your sms marketing campaigns today.


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Basic Benefits

High Speed Delivery
Delivery Reports
2way SMS
Short Codes Usage
Increased Revenues
Premium Support
SMS Coupons
SMS Marketing Campaigns
White label SMS platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an expiry date on my SMS Gateway package?

No. Your SMS package can be used at any time without extra cost.

Can I have an international SMS delivery package?

Absolutely.Our platform assists you to top up your account with actual money instead of credits. By choosing the destination country you get the relevant pricing which is automatically charged in your account.

Are there delivery statistics provided by the platform?

There is a 24-7 monitoring of outgoing and incoming messages, so real time tracking and analytical report of your SMS campaigns are more than secured.

What does it mean to Opt-In?

Opt-In means a customer joins a list and requests to be sent a message. This is achieved by sending SMS message with the password/keyword to the shorcode provided, or by entering a mobile phone number into a web-based form.

Who is the sender displayed on my outgoing messages?

The sender can either be an alphanumeric code up to 11 digits or a numeric code up to 16 digits.

How do I insert 10.000 telephones for bulksms messaging?

Mass SMS is Bulk SMS . Our platform make the Bulk SMS promotion campaign carried out by the use of our modern system to reach to a great number of consumers, worth including in advertising campaigns of every worldwide brand by uploading a bulk of csv files  or through API interface – up to 1000 telephone numbers in one request.

More questions?

Please refer to our knowledge base category HERE.

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