Public Transport Navigation System

Travelling in a foreign city, taking the first bus or tram on your way,

SMS as an extra security layer

It is already happening that many countries intend to go completely cashless over the next years. The main reason is to tackle underground economy.

Free SMS? Yes!

As SMS proves a lucrative and efficient method in B2B marketing, more and more platforms emerge on the market. In order to attract clients many platforms provide free credits as a signup bonus.

Bulk SMS in developing countries

Just like any other successful recipe, SMS is being promoted from a personal, day-to-day feature to a marketing tool. SMS is shifting to a more business oriented end.

SMSCUBE goes MWC!!!!

[schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”” name=” Mobile World Congress – visit SMSCUBE” description=”SMSCUBE attends the Mobile World Congress, the biggest telecommunications event of the year.SMSCUBE is the first platform to dynamically compare sms prices and automatically assign to the lowest price gateway the transmission of a text message, according to destination and recipient’s provider. ” sdate=”2016-02-22″ edate=”2016-02-25″ […]

Price comparison in Bulk SMS industry

Live Bulk sms price comparison ?  There are many white label SMS business platforms around the globe. Do they include this capability?

Gambling industry & SMS mobile marketing

Gambling industry & SMS mobile marketing may seem completely unrelated. Well, they are not!!

SMSci-fi: A telecommunications daydream

They say dreams are for free. So are text messages, I have to add (well, almost free, lol).

SMS messaging assists the refugees

It is often hard for refugees to adapt to a new, even unfamiliar, environment. What is even more difficult

White label SMS Platform benefits

Feeling like starting an SMS business? White label sms platform is a must, but before we check

Interesting facts about SMS

The first web sms text was sent from an Orbitel 901. Engineer Neil Papworth wrote “Merry Christmas” to a colleague.

Bulk Sms provider -signup

This is a video showing the way to sign up to SMSCUBE. SMSCUBE is a Bulk SMS provider.

Windows-10 preview for Mobiles

Microsoft opened up its Windows 10 Technical Preview to Windows Phone users last month, but only a scant few Lumia devices were supported.

GSMA Honours the Brazilian and Pakistani Governments

The GSMA today recognised the governments of Brazil and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the mobile industry’s prestigious Government Mobile Excellence Awards,

What to expect from the Apple Spring Forward event

MWC 2015 is now behind us, but that doesn’t mean all is calm in the tech world. Apple might have skipped the Barcelona venue, but the tech giant has an event prepared for next Monday – March 9.

Mobile Messaging is not what you think it is…

When people ask me what I do for work, I sometimes hesitate to answer. Not because I’m embarrassed, or because I work as a furry character in a costume, but my response, “I work in mobile marketing” is usually met with a long, awkward pause.

SMS Lifesavers

SMS lifesavers is a unique project in which we send SMS to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) trained civilians to get more people to start CPR early, before the ambulance arrives.