Bulk SMS

bulk sms

Bulk SMS, as the term suggests, is a service that allows users to distribute large volumes of SMS messages, at once, for marketing and entertainment purposes, alerts or reminders. A cost effective method of mass communication, providing access to a wide audience, all around the globe. SMS messages are purchased and sent through the Internet, directly to your selected group of recipients. Bulk SMS service is used by enterprises, creative agencies, financial institutions, media companies and many many more!

SMS Coupons

The SMS Coupons service allows you to send mobile coupons to a group of customers simultaneously. Customers receive an SMS on their mobile phone, with a text or a multimedia coupon, which they can redeem and validate, receiving their discounts according to the marketing strategy. An excellent promotional choice when targeting smart-phone users, since QR or barcode coupons can be employed for an upgraded visual experience.

SMS coupons

2 way SMS

2 way sms service

Individualize your interaction with your clients and reply on the spot with this two-way SMS service. Your customers are able to respond to your outgoing SMS messages and you are able to check their messages directly. This 2-way solution works by simply using short or long codes. These codes are usually a few easy-to-remember digits, which allow people to respond to your messages instantly and with absolutely no additional fees. A fascinating tool for marketing campaigns, since it enhances the communication between you and your customers. It is time-saving, direct & much more effective than other promotional campaigns.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Just because people have Smartphones, doesn’t mean they are using them to their full extent. On the contrary, they all use SMS messages. Texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt and all devices are SMS enabled. So, good news for you dear marketer! SMS campaigns are both fast and efficient. You can have you own tailor made marketing campaign and exploit the powerful SMS tool for this cause. Events, reminders, alerts, invitations, questionnaires, coupons and so many more! All you have to do is incorporate SMS messages in your marketing plan.

sms marketing campaigns

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