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The SMS Coupons service allows you to send mobile coupons, in a fast and efficient way, to a group of existing customers and new customers alike, simultaneously. Research shows that consumers love them. 96% of text messages get opened and read. Customers receive an SMS on their mobile phone, with a text or a multimedia coupon, which they can redeem and validate, receiving their discounts according to the marketing strategy.

SMS Coupons generate new leads and drive sales. Text message coupons can drive new customer traffic from traditional media. A simple one, reaches all of your mobile subscribers and has a greater chance of success. An excellent promotional choice when targeting smart-phone users, since QR or barcode coupons can be employed for an upgraded visual experience. You can create quickly an effective mobile coupon campaign in seconds. This a big advantage! When subscribers join your group you are able to send them a special discount on your product or service. A good mobile coupon will include some brief info about the discount, a redemption deadline (build urgency!), and a coupon code. If you want to track your campaign make sure to use a coupon code system that you can accept customers. SMS coupons redemption rates is an unbeaten marketing tool and a great loyalty program.

The SMS Coupons are usually offer: Pricing-based, time-sensitive, location-based, product-based, similar product-based or something very general. They usually include text-to-Join your marketing list with a keyword to a Short Code. Some of them give the opportunity to win a contest sending a Keyword to a Short Code too, while some others send a vote request to run polls and voting and urge customers participate in. There are hundreds of examples we meet every day in the market, some of them you can in our Case studies.

If your are a customer and you need to know how to make SMS text coupon saving and organizing easier, you may send them to your email. Today’s smart phones can now access web-based applications, like sending emails. If coupons offer discount codes, which basically apply for online shopping stores, then make a file copy of your discount coupon codes in your computer. This way, you will never lose a great shopping opportunity for your must-have items. Saving and organizing your SMS text coupons this way allows you to study your options, take note of their expiration date, pay attention to stackable coupon deals and get the best value out of your money. Read more….

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