Ragstore, Thessaloniki:

Our sales increased 15% after SMSCUBE sms campaign. We used the business sms package and have a spamless  acceptance from our clients. The price was good and customer service was worth every penny! We are certainly relying on SMSCUBE . Bussiness suggestion by Apostolos were very succesful. I am very happy to provide this input for theit testimonial as I suggest SMSCUBE strongly, without any reservation!

Paraiso Salsero DC, Athens:

“With SMSCUBE bulk messaging, we have been relieved from a great workload, during festivals, events & championships. The number of subscription to our classes increased and we will be ordering premium package for our entire campaign.”

Catherine from “Bees & Honeys”, London:

“I have a small business and SMSCUBE helped me get my products in the limelight and let my clients know of all discounts and offers available with the lowest cost on the market. Thank you SMSCUBE!”

Super Market, Thessaloniki:

Thanks to SMSCUBE premium package we ensured QR code coupons redemption at a great level, whilst utilising aggressive bulk messaging for new products and special offers. With almost 20000 messages delivered every month, our sales and publicity skyrocketed in less than 3-4 months!! Happy to provide input for them in their business’  testimonial